Liquified Petroleum Gas

Domestic Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinders are bottled in Cylinders of 14.2 Kg and the Retail Price fixed by the Oil Companies including Home Delivery is Rs. 421:00 P. The Government of Meghalaya has added another Rs. 12 as Additional cost for Home Delivery bringing the price to Rs. 433:00 P per Cylinder. At the Distributor's Go-down or Show - Room the price of each Cylinder is Rs. 421:00 P minus Rs. 8.00 P = Rs. 413:00 P. The above Price is the Average Price and the Actual Price per District is determined by the Deputy Commissioners and fixed taking into consideration the Transport Cost.

For the State of Meghalaya, the authorized Govt. Oil Company is the Indian Oil Company Limited under two separate divisions, the Assam Oil Division and the Marketing Division. These Two Divisions have appointed as many as 8 [eight] Distributors for East Khasi Hills, 2 [two] Distributors for Ri - Bhoi District, 3 [three] Distributors for Jaintia Hills District, 3 [three] Distributors for West Garo Hills District, 2 [two] Distributors for East Garo Hills District, 1 [one] Distributor for West Garo Hills District and 1 [one] Distributor for South Garo Hills District.

As decided by Government all Liquified Petroleum Gas Dealers are directed to supply Liquified Petroleum Gas Cylinders on Home Delivery System to avoid Black - Marketing sales by both the Dealers and the Consumers.