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Village Grain Bank

Village Grain Bank is a Centrally Sponsored Scheme which aims at providing Food Security, to safeguard against starvation during the period of natural calamity or during the lean Season where the food insecure households do not have sufficient resources to purchase ration.

In Meghalaya, the Central Government has allotted Fund of Rs. 5, 36,800/- for establishment of 44 Village Grain Banks in the State during 2006 – 2007 @ Rs. 12,200/- per Grain Bank. The Central Fund received is meant for Training, Storage, Monitoring and Evaluation including the 50 % Central share on Transportation cost.

The matter for establishment / setting up of Grain Banks has been taken up by the State with the Deputy Commissioners in all Districts. So far, 44 Grain Banks out of 44 sanctioned by the Central Government have been established and Fund for the purpose of Training, Storage, Monitoring and Evaluation for each identified Grain Bank has been released through the respective Deputy Commissioners.

Location of Village Grain Banks in Meghalaya

Serial Number District–wise Location of Village Grain Bank
Name f Development Block Location of Village Grain banks
1. East Khasi Hills District, Shillong Mawphlang Sohksar
Mawphlang Laitsdad
Mawryngkneng Nonghali
Mawsynram Mawsynram
Pynursla Mawpran
Mylliem Umrynjah
Mylliem Nongkohlew
Mawkynrew Thynroit
Mawkynrew Jongksha
2. West Khasi Hills District, Nongstoin Nongstoin Mawrynniaw
Nongstoin Nongthynniaw
Ranikor Kaitakona
Riangdo Nongshram
Mawthadraishan Mawlangsu
Mawkyrwat Rangthong
Mairang Nongkhlaw
3. Ri-Bhoi District, Nongpoh Umsning Tyrso
Umsning Umsaw Nongbri
Jirang Warmawsaw
4. Jaintia Hills District, Jowai Thadlaskein Nongtalem
Laskein Rtiang
Khliehriat Ummat-Lakadong
Amlarem Lumpyngngad
Saipung Mulsei
saipung Thuruk
5. West Garo Hills District, Tura Rongram Chandigre
Gambegre Dabelagre
Dalu Posengagre
Zikzak Hulukona
Betasingh Sonamiti
Dadengiri Sadolpara
Selsella Baklagre
Selsella Bolsalgre
Trikikilla Dobok Jakolgre
6. East Garo Hills District, Williamnagar Samanda Nengmandalgre
Samanda Rongsakgre
Resubelpara Bolsong
Kharkutta Dokongsi
Songsak Songsak-Agalgre
Rongjeng Rong A. Kong
7. South Garo Hills District, Baghmara Baghmara Siju
Rongkara Mahadeo
Gasuapara Gasuapara
Chokpot Silkigre
Total   44 Numbers