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The Project Management Unit (PMU)

The PMU acts as a conduit of communication and operations between the various stakeholders and across the different levels of the project. The team facilitates the techno-administrative activities from the State to the Fair Price Shop/beneficiary level and helps all the concerned departments stay on the same page with communication and concerns.

Established in December 2013, the PMU was set up at the Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs (FCS&CA) Headquarter level, to oversee the implementation of the End-to-End Computerisation of TPDS. The PMU works in close coordination with the National Informatics Center (NIC), and Department officials at all Districts and Sub-Divisions.

The roles and responsibilities of the PMU are listed below

  • Providing technical guidance for all ICT-related tasks
  • Facilitating close coordination with all project stakeholders including the NIC HQ, the systemintegrators, FCI, District, Sub-Division Supply Officials, IT & C Department, Govt of India, etc.
  • Imparting technical training to staffs of the Food Civil Supplies & Consumer Affairs
  • Assessing the availability of bandwidth for locations covered under the scheme
  • Evaluating and preparing hardware and software requirements, along with other technical specifications
  • Preparing RFPs/Tender/draft contracts/agreements for the engagement of Implementation Agencies
  • Supporting State Governments for CAS customization, obtaining feedback/approvals from the State Government
  • Supporting the conducting of User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of application software and coordinating with NIC’s team for software deployment
  • Monitoring the status and progress of activities under the scheme, such as application software/CAS customization and configuration, the training of FCS&CA staff & officers, hardware/software deployment and the installation at various locations in the State, data updates by FCS&CA, etc.
  • Identifying the issues and risks, providing a mechanism to resolve the issues and coordinating
  • Manning the Toll free number 1967 (call centre) including Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism.

Core Team of PMU

    Designation Name Email Id
    Project Manager
    1. Shai Kupar War
    Assistant Programmers
    1. Amelia Sohtun
    2. Jester Khonglah
    3. Larry N. Mawkhlieng
    Jr. Consultant
    1. Frederick Nongrum
    Rollout Support Technicians
    1. Amethyst Langstieh
    2. Canvida Momin
    3. Strong Pillar Sohlang
    4. Talimonba Sangma
    Call Center Attendants
    1. Desiree Kharkongor
    2. Samuel Momin

    A Data Entry Operator (DEO) is present in every District and Sub-Division.