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Food Civil Suplies and Consumer Affairs Department

Objectives of the Department

The primary function of the Civil Supplies Department is to run the Public Distribution System efficiently and ensure availability of Foodgrains to everyone and to ensure that it is at price affordable for even the poorest in the State. The thrust nowadays is on ensuring supply of Essential Commodities to the targeted population i.e., people living Below Poverty Line. The Department is also entrusted with the responsibility of ensuring availability of Essential Commodities in the Market at reasonable price and prevention of hoarding, black-marketing and artificial price hike. Since most of the Foodgrains in the State come from outside the State, the PDS is totally dependent on the Foodgrains supplied by the Govt. of India through F.C.I.

Under the Targetted Public Distribution System families have been classified as :-

  1. Above Poverty Line (A.P.L.) Families.
  2. Below Poverty Line (B.P.L.) Families.
  3. Antyodaya Anna Yojana (A.A.Y.) Families.

In so far as our State is concerned, there are 2,66,078 Families Above Poverty Line, 1,12,800 Families Below Poverty Level and 70,200 A.A.Y. Families which are being covered under T.P.D.S. at present. These Families are as per the 1993 - 1994 estimates of the Planning Commission of the Government of India which relates to the 1992 Census.

B.P.L. Census 2002 - Districtwise
Name of the District Total Household B.P.L. Household B.P.L. %
Ri Bhoi District.  32,590  16,276 49.94
Jaintia Hills District.  49,771  19,663 39.51
West Khasi Hills District.  63,951  30,480 47.66
East Khasi Hills District. 1,09,115  50,997 46.74
West Garo Hills District.  95,699  51,400 53.71
East Garo Hills District.  50,398  28,192 55.94
South Garo Hills District.  18,148  8,226 45.33
Total 4,19,672 2,05,234 48.90

B.P.L. Status: It may be stated that the State Govt. through the Community and Rural Development Department have conducted the review Survey of 2002 B.P.L. Households in all Community Development Blocks of the State which was completed in 2008. The above B.P.L. Households have not been covered under the TPDS at present as the complete Survey for the remaining Urban and Municipal Areas which were not covered by the Survey conducted by the Community and Rural Development Department is yet to take place.